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+Copyright (c) 2012, NOVI Consortium, European FP7 NOVI Project
+Copyright according to BSD License
+For full text of the license see: ./novi/Software/Monitoring/MonitoringTool/PacketTracking/license.txt
+@author <a href="">Ramon Masek</a>, Fraunhofer FOKUS
+@author <a href="">Christian Henke</a>, Technical University Berlin
+@author <a href="">Carsten Schmoll</a>, Fraunhofer FOKUS
+@author <a href="">Julian Vetter</a>, Fraunhofer FOKUS
+@author <a href="mailto:">Jens Krenzin</a>, Fraunhofer FOKUS
+@author <a href="mailto:">Michael Gehring</a>, Fraunhofer FOKUS
+@author <a href="mailto:">Tacio Grespan Santos</a>, Fraunhofer FOKUS
+@author <a href="mailto:">Fabian Wolff</a>, Fraunhofer FOKUS
+class Return(object):
+ def __init__(self, ret):
+ if type(ret).__name__ == "list":
+ for r in ret:
+ print r
+ elif type(ret).__name__ == "Status":
+ print ret
+ else:
+ print ret \ No newline at end of file