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*'''Project''': idrop-web
-*'''Date''': 10/23/2012
-*'''Release Version''': 1.0.2
-*'''git tag''': 1.0.2
+*'''Date''': 11/26/12
+*'''Release Version''': 1.0.2-beta2
+*'''git tag''': 1.0.2-beta2
-This is a release of iDrop web version 1.0.2
+This is a beta2 of iDrop web version 1.0.2
*idrop-web depends on Java 1.6+
-*idrop-web depends on grails 2.1.0
+*idrop-web depends on grails 2.1.1
Note that the following bug and feature requests are logged in GForge with related commit information [[]]
@@ -56,6 +56,8 @@ Fixed data object info to include icon and be clearer about file versus collecti
*[#1023] add Version class in jargon-core
**Added iDrop web and Jargon version numbers in footer
-*Updated Grails version to version 2.1.0
+ *[#1062] 1.0.2 release activities
+**Updated Grails version to version 2.1.1
+**Minor shopping cart layout issues
*Removed delete and rename buttons from browse details view