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<g:javascript library="mydrop/metadata"/>
<g:javascript library="mydrop/metaFiltering"/>
<g:javascript library="mydrop/search" />
-<g:javascript library="mydrop/dhtmlxcombo"/>
<g:javascript library="mydrop/tag" />
<g:javascript library="mydrop/home" />
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<div class="nav-header">Help</div>
<div class="metaHelp">
- There'll be help
- <br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
+ To search by metadata please enter some conditions to inputs. One table limited by the lines is one condition node.
+ In this node you can enter as much queries as you want to. Additionaly, you can connect them by option choosing suitable
+ radiobutton. The nodes of conditions can also be connected, by "AND" - then the result will have to fulfill EVERY conditions
+ node according to the chosen option - or "OR" - at least one node. To add new query, press "ADD CONDITION", to delete it
+ "DELETE" , to add new node "New condition node", to delete node press the "X" button in the right corner of chosen table.
+ Eventually, to search by entered queries press "SEARCH" and be satisfied by results!