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@@ -131,7 +131,6 @@ text.type=Type
-text.update.tags=Update Tags
text.upload=Upload and Download
@@ -179,7 +178,6 @@ a directory or file to see info and actions
# messages
error.confirm.password.missing=Confirmation password is null or blank
error.nothing.selected=Nothing was selected for the action access permission action found user does not have permission to view audit data data found
@@ -217,21 +215,15 @@ error.some.error.occurred=An error occurred processing your request, please info
message.update.successful=Update successful default resource needs to be selected from the combo box in the upper right-hand corner. Select a resource and try your request again error occurred in uploading this file. If the problem persists, contact the service administrator
-message.login=Please enter your credentials to log into iRODS
message.password.updated=The password was successfully updated
message.resource.updated=Default storage resource updated successfully
message.update.successful=Update successful do not have access rights to perform that operation starred files or folders to display
message.cannot.create.profile=A profile cannot be created for this user, this may be a mis-configuration to display! Star or Share files or folders to see them on your home page to display! Sharing and starring support need to be added to this iRODS grid
- files to display
message.share.delete.successful=Delete of share successful, note that permissions still remain as defined before
message.update.share.successful=Update of share successful is unavailable, it may be down
# validation errors
org.irods.mydrop.controller.AddMetadataCommand.attribute.blank.error.attribute=Attribute must be entered
org.irods.mydrop.controller.AddMetadataCommand.value.blank.error.value=Value must be entered