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+*'''Project''': iDrop-lite transfer applet
+*'''Date''': 08/28/2012
+*'''Release Version''': 1.0.1
+*'''git tag''': 1.0.1
+*'''download jar with dependencies (run java -jar jarname)''':
+NOTE: the release notes were not yet in place for this project, going forward bugs and features addressed will be reflected here
+This is the iDrop lite applet plug in that allows transfers between client and server using a direct iRODS protocol connection
+GForge for iDrop-swing is at: [[]]
+-iDrop depends on Java 1.6+
+-iDrop is built using Maven
+iDrop-swing uses Maven for dependency management. See the pom.xml file for references to various dependencies.
+Note that the following bug and feature requests are logged in GForge with related commit information [[]]
+==Bug Fixes==
+==Outstanding Issues==
+Please consult [[]]
+for the latest open bugs and Jargon feature requests