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@@ -123,10 +123,13 @@ heading.anonymous.access.enable=Anonymous access is not yet enabled for this fil
heading.audit=Audit - view audit trail information
heading.browsing=Browsing - view data in collections information, including update of tags and a description page for link
heading.sharing=Sharing - set access permissions
-heading.metadata=Metadata - view and edit AVU metadata - details about files and collections are tokens to iRODS files and collections that may be shared. Anyone with a ticket may access your data, so you can email them, share them on social media sites, and the like.<p/>Tickets can be limited on number of uses, and on things like total bytes, expiration date, and the like. Open a ticket to see details and to get a link that may be copied and shared.
+heading.metadata=View and edit AVU metadata.<p/>These Attribute, Value, Unit elements can be used to describe your data. You may add, or select items to delete. You may also click on the AVUs in the table to modify them.
+heading.metadata.details=Add an AVU metadata element by entering attribute, value, and unit (optional) and pressing Update
+heading.permissions=Modify and manage iRODS ACL (Access Control List) file permissions. <p/>This allows you to see who has different access to your files and collections, and to change that access. Note that you may select items using the check box to delete them, and you may also click on the permissions in the table to update them. for a user based on selected search type
heading.user.information=User Information a complete or partial search term to bring up a user list, then select the desired permission and press 'Save'