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I think I have it. Jargon, by default, has a setting for a max parallel threads of 4. This is done as typical client machines get a saturated network connection if more than that are specified. This is configurable. I set the max threads to zero in my data opr inp operation and I received the 0 threads response from iRODS in portal opr out. My test transfer is currently running via iDrop, when it completes, I'll follow up with Roger by putting out a new version of iDrop that allows the max threads to be set to 0 in the config panel.
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[#314] in login preset mode, drag of top level folder for get oper results in no data found warning
+[#579] iDrop put transfer sets to 1 threads, completes leaving 0 len file
iRODS iDrop > refresh remote tree after transfer completes - if queue is small/empty 2011-02-10 07:00:51