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[#1062] to jargon fixes jce error
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*'''Project''': iDrop-lite transfer applet
-*'''Date''': 11/14/2012
-*'''Release Version''': 1.0.2
-*'''git tag''': 1.0.2
+*'''Date''': 11/26/2012
+*'''Release Version''': 1.0.2-beta2
+*'''git tag''': 1.0.2-beta1
*'''download jar with dependencies (run java -jar jarname)''':
NOTE: the release notes were not yet in place for this project, going forward bugs and features addressed will be reflected here
@@ -28,8 +28,10 @@ Note that the following bug and feature requests are logged in GForge with relat
-[#1023] Update Version class to include build time and POM version
+*[#1023] Update Version class to include build time and POM version
+*[#1062] 1.0.2 release activities
+**Added default storage resource to iDrop lite panel
==Outstanding Issues==
Please consult [[]]